Referral & Eigibility

Referral and Eligibility

We do not take clients with a history of arson/ fire setting or sexual convictions. After examining the diagram, if the client feels that they have met the criteria please complete the Referral Forms available on the Web Site or from The Trust offices. After receipt of the forms the client will be invited for an interview. This will usually take place the next day if possible, certainly within 2 days.

Interview Process
The interview takes place in a quiet confidential room and the client is welcome to bring someone for support.  The interview usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  This is to find out what support the client needs, such as:-
  • Benefits
  • G.P.
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Social Worker
  • CPN
After the interview we aim to inform the client immediately of the outcome. If they have been successful and rooms are available the client will be shown their accommodation. If rooms are not available they will be placed on a waiting list. The average time on the waiting list is of the order of 2-3 weeks.