Life at The Lyme Trust

Resident Support

What might a resident expect during their stay?

New residents are assigned a project worker to provide support and enable them to make the necessary life adjustments. This is achieved through a support plan, unique for each individual, which takes into account their aspirations and support requirements and is reviewed regularly. Staff and security are on duty 24/7. There is an on call system in place for emergency use, so residents have access to support 24 hours a day.

What is expected of a resident?
  • They are not to bring alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia onto the premises.
  • Rent will be paid on time and in the full amount.
  • All appointments made with the Trust or outside agencies will be kept
  • Service users will respect other residents, staff and The Lyme Trust property.
Support from the Trust

The support team consists of a care-coordinator, 2 senior project workers, 5 project workers and 1 activity worker. Resident support includes:
  • Support to obtain benefits.
  • Signposting to health care organisations such as doctors, dentists and opticians.
  • Assistance with referrals to mental health, drug or alcohol services.
  • Linking residents with relevant agencies and organisations.
  • Advice on budgeting and debt (may involve working with other agencies such as local councils and the Citizens Advice Bureau).
  • Assistance when applying for move on accommodation.
  • A counselling service at the Trust provided by local authorities.
  • Finding opportunities for volunteering either within the Trust or in the local community.