Build A Bedroom - The Story So Far

Our hard-working staff team and groups of volunteers have already made a start on refurbishing our bedrooms!

If you would like to help out by volunteering, please get in touch!

Stripping the walls has been laborious but essential work for our staff and volunteers.

We have used professional contractors to plaster the walls to a high standard.

We hope you agree that the end results speak for themselves, and that’s why we need your help!

One resident wrote that if they were asked to compare their previous room to the refurbished room that they are staying in now, they would say it is very much a better room.

They felt their old room was smaller and confined and now the room has been freshly painted with brand new furniture and flooring, the space feels bigger.

Being in the room has had a positive impact on their engagement and communication skills thus helping them in their path to independence.

Upon entering the room for the first time one resident stated that they have stayed in many hostel style accommodations but nothing has compared to their room here.

You can sponsor a full room, or half a room, depending on your budget. You can also donate towards the costs of specific bedroom items and furnishings.

If you would are interested in sponsoring a bedroom today, please call The Lyme Trust on 01782 634 510.