Build A Bedroom


To provide a fresh clean living space for our residents on the main site, to improve their mental health, encourage independent skills and promote overall wellbeing. The 3 main site properties contain 24 bedrooms that need total refurbishment.

The wellbeing of our residents

When a resident comes to stay with us they will be experiencing mental health issues. The wellbeing of our residents is paramount and we believe that by creating a fresh, clean and calming atmosphere in their rooms it will aid them in their recovery. It encourages them to engage with the services offered to them ensuring they receive the best level of care.

Promoting independence

Our aim at The Trust is to help our residents gain independence to live in their own accommodation within the community. By creating a homely environment during their time at The Trust it ensures that our residents will already appreciate and respect a fresh, clean environment. Residents will then already have the skills to independently maintain their future properties within the community.

How you can help

We have completed a full audit of our bedrooms and highlighted where maintenance work and refurbishment is needed. We have researched pricing from local contractors and suppliers, and identified a total average price that will cover all of our costs.

This is where we need your help! We are looking for sponsors for our bedrooms. You will be responsible for creating a safe and comfortable environment that will help our residents on their journey to independent living. It’s as simple as that!

To thank you for your sponsorship, each room you support will be named after your organisation or company and a bespoke door sign will be made that includes your logo. We will also spread the word of your generous help on our website and social media channels.

We have estimated that the average cost of each bedroom is £1,274.00.

You can sponsor a full room, or half a room, depending on your budget. You can also donate towards the costs of specific bedroom items and furnishings.

If you would are interested in sponsoring a bedroom today, please call The Lyme Trust on 01782 634 510.