The Lyme Trust has various properties in the central Newcastle under Lyme area.  These properties are divided into phases reflecting the type of support provided by the staff team.   Within the referral interview it will be identified which phase and property is best for a person to move in to.  If a room is not available, the average waiting time is 5 days to 2 weeks.

Phase 1 
- offers a high level of support and is usually the phase that a person will move into on arrival at the Trust. During their time in phase one a support package will be developed and the resident will begin to understand what is required of them. The properties in this phase have single bedrooms, communal lounges and shared kitchens and bathrooms.

Phase 2 
- is the normal progression route from Phase 1. People in this phase get extensive training in life skills. It is possible for a client to move into phase 2 immediately if it at the referral interview the individual is assessed and possesses the skills required for this level of service provision.  The properties in this phase have single bed spaces with shared kitchens and bathroom facilities.  The number of people per house is generally less than phase 1.

One of the houses in this phase is an exclusively female house.

Phase 3 
- Residents who live in this phase are now almost ready to move back into the community having gained the confidence and daily living skills through their journey at the Trust. There are 6 properties in phase 3 where members of the staff team support the individuals within different areas of their lives i.e. bidding for properties within the community, seeking paid employment. The properties in phase 3 tend to be smaller houses with a maximum of 3 single bed spaces, communal lounge, shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.