Residents poetry group

The residents of The Lyme Trust recently formed a poetry writing group and use poetry as a way of expressing their feelings. One of our residents wrote the following, moving poem.



If darkness takes you over
You are in a big black hole
And there isn’t an escape route
For your very weary soul
When everybody listens
But no one really hears
While panic and anxiety
Epitomise your fears
The lowest point you will ever be
Is the middle of the night
In the centre of a tunnel
Without a chink of light
With care and understanding
You’ll get back to being you
Nerve endings will become repaired
And confidence ensue.
Life will be more pleasurable
And happiness unfold
A kaleidoscopic pattern change
Will gradually take hold
Take time to enjoy yourself
Relaxation is a must
Call on friends and family
The staff at our Lyme trust
So live life in the moment
The experts all insist
And don’t go chasing rainbows ends
That just do not exist
Soon your glass will be half full
The end of all your strife
You’ll have a home a sanctuary
And start a better life.